June 3, 2015

3 Things Entrepreneurs Should Do Differently


So, you’re an entrepreneur (or at least thinking about it) and you’re wondering what makes certain entrepreneurs successful. Other than creating a great business to build up and making an effort to network, there are still some very obvious things that entrepreneurs should be doing to keep themselves working their hardest and feeling their best everyday. In this week’s blog, we will discuss these points.


The first thing that I would like to bring up is for you to get enough sleep. Yes, I know you’ve probably heard that your whole life, but people still seem to think that it really isn’t that important. We know that it can be difficult to think clearly when we’re tired but we often don’t think about how it will affect others around us. For Instance, being dead tired in a meeting where you are trying to lead others and build up your business will only make others feel uncomfortable while you look very unprofessional. As entrepreneurs, we work ourselves silly for the benefit of the business. While this is the drive needed to be your own boss, you have to remember that even the boss needs a break every now and again. Just take it from me, sleep means better thinking and a more productive day. Put the laptop down and enjoy some much needed rest because you will most likely have a very busy day ahead of you!


Next, as an entrepreneur, you should be reading. Not just books for pleasure (which I do recommend by the way) but also books that can keep you up to date with the going on’s in your specific industry. You can’t expect to stay ahead of the competition if you aren’t willing to find out what everyone is competing over. Even taking a look around a few entrepreneur magazines or online articles can mean the difference between being second best and knowing that you are more prepared than your competitor. Read for your own knowledge and the health of you flourishing business.


Finally, the last point that I’ll make today is about the importance of rewarding yourself. I’m not saying that this has to be anything really specific or grand, but I do recommend giving yourself something to work towards while you’re trying to finish that huge project. Entrepreneurs feel the urge to continue working until they just can’t work anymore. While I totally understand this and encourage all entrepreneurs to work hard at what they do, I also know how difficult this can make your life in general. My advice is to take a drive to get ice cream with the kids at the end of the day or plan a fun weekend trip to the beach with your spouse or loved ones. We need time to recharge and be inspired. After all, entrepreneurs inspire people everyday, so why should we have the chance to inspire ourselves as well?

As an entrepreneur, do you find that you’re giving yourself enough time to do all of the above? Let me know in the comments!

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