July 14, 2015

5 Tips to GROWING Your Business Thru Networking

By Julie Champion, Marketing Like A Champion

Love it or loathe it, networking is a MUST to grow any business.  For those social and chatty, it’s an opportunity for lively (and often loud) conversation interspersed with fun filled stories and laughter. For those less social and talkative, it’s a stressful and sweaty hour culminating with the much dreaded 60-second commercial. Wherever you fall between the two, use these 5 Tips to Grow Your Business thru Networking.


  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early and choose a seat or area where you feel physically comfortable. Feeling physically comfortable allows you to relax. Being relaxed exudes confidence. Confidence sparks conversations. Conversations leads to…well you get the idea.


  • BE a great listener. Don’t just fake it. Be a GREAT listener. And ask open-ended interesting questions. Be a great LISTENER.


  • Learn how to shake hands. It’s easy. Quit being all Sissy-La-La and using the sweaty/limp/cold/wet-rag approach. Be the first to extend your hand and warmly grasp the other persons’ hand, touching palm-to-palm and hold for 3-5 seconds. Don’t be shy about using a firm grip, but don’t go all Arnold Schwarzenegger on someone either.


  • Create four different 30-60 second commercials. Why? Because after you’ve attended weekly meetings with the same people eventually everyone gets b o r e d hearing each other’s messages. It’s true and you know it! You could have Commercial A for the 1st week of the month. Commercial B for the 2nd week and so on. Swap out those commercials each week and watch how you’ll create more interest in your business.


  • Branch out to multiple areas and expand your connections. Imagine all the new business connections you could make while attending networking meetings in other cities. The next time you’re on vacation or visiting a different city, stop by a local Chapter of S.E.V.E.N. meet the locals from the group and introduce yourself. Or explore the many meetings, groups, events, and activities listed in Meetup.


Julie Champion | Marketing Like A ChampionJulie Champion is a former Charlie’s Angel turned Marketing Maverick. She has created and sold several successful businesses, was featured on Sacramento KXTV News, co-authored a marketing handbook for a 100-year-old nonprofit organization, been a guest contributor to Entreprenista magazine, and a guest speaker at MLM industry team meetings. The focus of her business, Marketing Like a Champion is to teach MLM clients how to Generate More Leads, Make More Sales, and Recruit More Representatives by being their own authentic self.

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