November 18, 2015

6 Reasons I Love Periscope!

Back in July of 2015, I walked into a SEVEN networking meeting here in Arizona and from that day on my life has been changed forever!!!  I overheard one of the SEVEN members talking about “Periscope”.  My ears perked up as it was a word that I had never heard before.  I am an inquisitive gal so I asked Darrell White (@Carteblancheme) to please explain further.  He went on to say that it was a new social media livestreaming app where you can get a bird’s eye view into someone’s life.  I remember thinking to myself, “Oh, I love being social and I am always curious about what others are doing so I guess I should look into this further.” I immediately downloaded the app to my phone and I was thirsty for learn more!  Darrel White is the owner of Carte Blanche Media an avid Periscoper since it’s 3rd week on the market and author of: How to Use Periscope for Small Businesses so I was definitely in the right place at the right time.

Periscope launched on March 26, 2015 for iOS.  Two months later it was launched for android users.  The founders came up with the idea for Periscope when they were traveling.  According to Periscope designer, Tyler Hansen the vision was “To see the world through someone else’s eyes.”  Today Periscope has 15 million accounts and I have heard that only 1-5% of those people are actually broadcasting. I spent my first few weeks watching other people scopes and then I was ready to take the plunge and hit the red broadcast button.  Sounds scary, right??  It was at first but now that have been scoping 2-3 times a day for the past few months it has become my very favorite social media platform.

Let me share with you why I LOVE periscope!!

  1. Super simple to use– I am not a techy gal and if I can do it anyone can! Download the app onto your phone or ipad and you can get started. Create a profile with a picture and a short bio so that people can follow you.  Watch a few Periscopes to see what others are doing.  Once you feel comfortable, press the red broadcast button, smile and GO!!!!
  2. It is authentic– You are live and there is no hiding.  People see you spur of the moment and they can really get to know your authentic self.  I am a people person so I simply adore this aspect!
  3. Fabulous place to learn from others– Being a teacher turned entrepreneur I love all types of learning.  I hopped on this morning and was able to enjoy a workout with Arial Friedman of Groove Anywhere LLC (@weGroove).  I have to admit that I am a couch potato but Arial is very inspiring and I will be getting off the couch next time to join in the workout!
  4. Great place to network– Connecting with others on Periscope is a huge plus!  The conversations are not just between me and my viewers but the viewers also talk to one another.  How else would you be able to meet others across the United States or across the world right from the comfort of your own home?  I have met so many wonderful folks who I now call friends.  You can do this interacting on other people’s scopes or on your own. Remember that building relationships is the fuel for your small business so don’t just connect on periscope but then take it one step further and start to build that relationship.  This can be done via Twitter, Facebook, Skype, phone calls or even meeting a person for a cup of coffee if they are in your local area.  I met the wonderful Kayl May with The Bottom Line (@admiredredrose) through Periscope and she has become a terrific friend.  I adore watching her scopes about customer service and I also enjoy hearing about her twin grandsons and how much she loves her “sugas”!!!
  5. Immediate feedback– You will get feedback on other forms of social media and maybe even on your blog but on Periscope you get instant feedback. People can respond right as I am talking on my scope.  That gets me excited and then I can continue on to answer questions that people may have right there on the spot.
  6. Persicope community is very supportive– We support each other and hop on each others scopes whenever we possibly can.  New communites are developing.  I urge you all to find a community that you are comfortable with.  I want to personally thank Mark Shaw (@Markshaw) with #Tagtribes.  I joined the community that he founded and we are now over 3,000 members strong!!  Mark leads by example and he wants us all to achieve more with social media which means more viewers, more hearts, more followers, more customers, more clients, more revenue…. I have met so many wonderful and supportive people through #Tagtribes.  Deb Coman with (@DebComanWriting) is one of them.  Not only are my writing juices flowing after Deb’s scopes but her support in my periscope life and personal life has been amazing!! When my daughter experienced a medical emergency in September, Deb Coman (@DebComanWriting), Summer DeCoste (@DeCosteSummer) and Anna Scheller (@SchellerAnna) were there with good thoughts and prayers every step of the way.  That my friends is true support in an amazing community.  Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart.


I am sharing my love of Periscope because I would like you all to take a look at it.  It may not be for everyone but why not give it a whirl.  We are all early adaptors and learning together so what do have to lose?

Find me on Periscope

Weekdays at 6:30PM PST, you can tune in and join my Promote Your Scope Show.  Meet new people and make great entrepreneurial connections.

Earlier in the day I usually scope once or twice about business related topics, networking, motivation and inspiration.

You will not only be inspired but if you are new to Periscope hopefully you will also learn some tips and tricks.  All you need to do is download the free app and you will be ready to go!!

My Periscope handle is @SEVENnetworking.  You can catch my replays live for 24 hours on Periscope or on







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