January 20, 2016

7 Ways To Maximize Your 7 Membership

Soooo ….  You’ve been attending SEVEN Networking meetings for a while now. You go to your chapter meeting faithfully every week. But are you getting the best value for your membership? If you’re only going to meetings, you aren’t getting the biggest bang for your buck!

7 Ways To Maximize Your Membership

  1. Be a Speaker: Check in with your chapter leader and have them put you on the calendar. You’ll have 15 minutes to present your business to the group. You’ll be able to set up a display, hand out flyers, and talk about what you do. Have an item you want to promote? This is the perfect opportunity to get it in front of 20-30 other business people!
  2. Visit Other Chapters: Your membership gives you the ability to visit ANY chapter of SEVEN. Yes, I said ANY chapter. Are you travelling? Visit the SEVEN website and see what chapters are in the area you’ll be visiting. Do you live in an area with a lot of SEVEN chapters? Plan on visiting some of the other meetings in your area. You’ll meet new people and make some great connections.
  3. Heart 2 Heart: Do you find yourself collecting a lot of business cards and dropping them in an envelope? Put those cards to work and schedule some heart to heart meetings with other members. Getting together outside of a meeting gives you the opportunity to really get to know someone. Share your businesses with each other. Even if your services are not right for each other, you could find a great referral partner.
  4. Referrals: As you make connections, keep a notebook of businesses you really like. Ask them for a few extra business cards and refer your friends, family, and clients to them. You’ll find referrals coming back your way as well.
  5. Education: Every other week, we have an educational topic. This could be your opportunity to shine. If the topic is in your area of expertise, you’ll be able to show your skills in the round table discussion. If it’s not, you may learn something new that can help you in your business.
  6. Listing: Make sure you get your business listing posted on the SEVEN website. Use the listings to find other businesses you can use, leave reviews for other SEVEN members, and share the listings on social media.
  7. Blog: Don’t forget about the blog! There is tons of information about business and networking here. As a SEVEN member, you can also send in a guest blog. This gives you the opportunity to talk about your favorite products, share information, and educate other members on your industry.

Networking isn’t just about attending a meeting. It’s about building relationships. SEVEN is the perfect venue to do just that. The more effort you put into your networking activities, the more value you’ll receive in return.

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