October 26, 2016

Accountability Partners

We all need a little help sometimes being accountable. Whether we are talking about meeting goals, staying on schedule, or coming up with new programs it can be helpful to have an accountability partner. Webster’s Dictionary defines accountability as “the quality or state of being accountable; An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.”

How Can An Accountability Partner Help You?

An accountability partner may be someone who:

  • Provides support and encouragement
  • Provides another point of view – sometimes your focus is too narrow and you might be missing critical pieces of the current puzzle you are working on.
  • Helps streamline your focus – If you tend to be all over the place, they can help bring you back around and keep you on task.
  • Gives that extra *push* you need in your business – Sometimes, you just need a little boost of confidence to get through whatever block is in your way.
  • Is a sounding board to bounce around ideas with –
  • Forces you to be specific – sharing your plans for the week can give you clarity on what you need to accomplish
  • Shares your accomplishments – closing a big sale or finishing a project are perfect things to share with your accountability partner.
  • Can be totally honest with you – we all need that dose of reality every now and again. If you’re totally off base with the direction you are going, they aren’t afraid to tell you in a kind yet firm way.
  • Will help you increase your productivity – when you’re accountable to someone else, you achieve more than you ever thought you could. You are better able to focus on the more important tasks and accomplish your goals.

An accountability partner is a person who can monitor another person in terms of helping them keep a commitment. Many highly successful business people have accountability partners who they talk to regularly to check in on progress. They help you work through any distractions or obstacles that have come up. An accountability partner is different from a mentor or coach; usually, they are on an equal level with you. This is a mutually beneficial relationship in which each person holds the other accountable to themselves.

Choosing Your Accountability Partner

This isn’t a marriage but you have to feel comfortable sharing fears and concerns with your accountability partner without being judged. You should have some kind of connection that makes it easy to understand each other. Your goals don’t have to be the same, but you do have to make a commitment to helping each other succeed. This is a two-way street – you have to be able to hold them accountable as well.

Accountability Tips

Keep notes of what you are holding each other accountable for. You can agree on what you’re accountable for achieving before you meet next. Then share that in an email or another format. Don’t go overboard – 2 to 4 items a week is plenty, realistic, and obtainable!

Set up a regular check-in time to see how you are each doing on your tasks or goals. A weekly check-in meeting is what you should aim for, but it’s going to depend on what obstacles or struggles come up along the way. Can you meet before or after your SEVEN meeting? If you can’t meet in person, can you meet via phone or online through an application like Go To Meeting or Zoom?

Celebrate your successes! Support each other when you are successful AND when you fail. Keep in mind that failing is an opportunity to learn and grow as well.

If you don’t have an accountability partner yet, check out some of the people in your networking group. Take your relationship to the next level and truly support each other in your efforts to grow your business.

Here’s to a successful day!

Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking


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