February 28, 2016

Anatomy Of A 30-Second Commercial

If you missed the meeting this week, we talked about how important your 30 (or 45 or 60) second commercial is. For anyone that attends a networking event or mixer, it’s critical to have a great 30 second commercial. This might be the first impression you make on new people. It gives you the chance to present a snapshot of who you are and what you do.  Let’s face it, first impressions are lasting impressions, so make yours count.


  1. GET THEIR ATTENTION: Be unique – especially if there are others in the room that do what you do. You want to stand out. Give yourself a catchy title or your product an unusual name.
  2. KEEP IT SHORT: At most meetings, you have a limited amount of time to introduce yourself. Have both a 30 second AND a 60 second commercial ready so you are prepared either way.
  3. KEEP IT SIMPLE: Don’t get all technical – save that for someone who shows interest in your products. You don’t have enough time explain the techno lingo, so leave it out. You’ll only confuse people.
  4. TELL STORIES: Anecdote and success stories are a great way to show the value of who you are and what you do. If you can educate and entertain in a few short sentences, you’re doing great.
  5. FAB: Think about your Features, Advantages, & Benefits. What makes you and your product unique. How can you solve a problem?
  6. CHANGE IT UP: Chances are, you have more than one product or service that you offer. If you talk about the same thing every week, you’ll lose your audience’s attention. Let them know you aren’t just a one trick pony.
  7. TAG IT: Have a great tag line. Find one that reflects your personality and that will stick in people’s minds.
  8. PRACTICE: I can’t say this enough – practice, practice, practice! Out loud …. in front of the mirror …. on the phone with a friend. Practice until you know it by heart. Practice until it flows naturally. If it feels awkward, tweak it until it flows nicely.

Here are a couple different formats  you can use.


I am (Your name).   I’m a (your title) with (your company), where we (what you do) so you can (how this helps).  Since I specialize in (whatever you specialize in) I can… (2 simple sentences). Close with your name & business again.


I am Betty Sue. I’m a representative with Natural Pantry where we provide health coaching so you can live a healthier life. Since I specialize in nutrition, I can help you find the right supplements and make better food choices. This will help you live longer and stronger. I’m Betty Sue with Natural Pantry, your guru for better health.



Begin with a question that includes a problem you can solve. Introduce yourself and your company, then tell them how you can help them. Close with your name & business along with your tagline.


How many of you want to live a healthier life? I am Betty Sue with Natural Pantry and I can help you change your lifestyle by finding the right supplements, increasing your activity, and changing what you eat. I’m Betty Sue with Natural Pantry, your guru for better health.

Remember, your commercial isn’t the time to sell. It’s the time to introduce yourself. Use your time as best  you can to give your audience an opportunity to learn a little bit about you. No matter what format you use, be confident and clear about who you are and what you do. You’ll find people interested in getting to know you beyond the networking meeting.

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