December 30, 2015

Apple Names Periscope The Best App for 2015!!


All who know me well know that I LOVE Periscope because it is such a great way to network and meet new people.  On Dec. 9, 2015, Apple named Periscope, the live streaming app, the best IPhone app of 2015.  Periscope officially launched on March 26, 2015.  I became a user in August and was addicted from day one.  Periscope is now owned by Twitter and is becoming more popular every day.  Users can broadcast live to the world and there is a lot of great interaction that takes place.  Hence, an awesome way to connect with new people and network across the world!!

If you have not yet downloaded Periscope to your mobile device now is the time.  There are an estimated 15 million people who have already downloaded the app and more to come now that is was named best App of the year.  Hop on board today!!  What are you waiting for? If you would like to follow me I can be found @SEVENnetworking.  I would love to help and introduce you to my Perifriends so please do contact me today.  [email protected]

Happy Scoping!!!

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