May 12, 2015

Back To Basics: What You Should Know About Networking

Welcome back to the blog! This week I wanted to go over something that I think we all need to be reminded of once in a while. I wanted to go back to basics and refresh everyone’s memory on what we should all know about networking in order to properly use the time and connections we have and will have in the future. I hope you find that you learn more about this subject and let me know what else you’d like to hear us discuss in the future.


Keys to NetworkingI want to start with knowing that you are networking effectively. How many of you know, off the top of your head, the three keys to networking? Are you drawing a blank? There are, of course, many things that being a great networker requires, but most important there are: focus, attention and strategy. These three keys are something you’ll want to remember and carry around with you forever!

The sad fact is, many of us network haphazardly. While it is wonderful to get out and meet new people, you have to eventually buckle down and think about why this particular group is beneficial to you. Not only that, what are you bringing to the group that will be beneficial to others? Remember, networking is an important part of making your business thrive, but it is also about helping others grow. Never lose site of that fact. The right people can help you reach a career goal and that shouldn’t be taken with just a grain of salt, right?


The next tip I have is to remember not to snub those former professors and alumni. You may be fresh out of school or soon to be retired, but, either way, you want to keep those connections and take care of them. So many people have been hit by economic downfall and have lost their jobs in that terrible process. God forbid that happen to anyone, but, if it does, your former colleagues and classmates can be a big help! If you are properly networking within your online alumni portals or even just keeping up with everyone, you could have a ticket to some quick cash! There is a reason why people use endorsement on LinkedIn. Your former professors and class mates can be a great resource when you’re looking for a new job. Don’t forget about those in your past, they can help you build a brighter future!


Finally, remember that paying it forward pays off! Always be the one who is willing and waiting to help everyone else! Not only will people respect and be grateful that you’re around, but they will also be great resources when you need something in the future. It’s simple really, the harder you work for others, the harder they will work for you! We all know how creating these meaningful connections can pave the way to a better tomorrow!

Here’s a challenge for you: at your next networking gathering, really make an attempt to help others and make it known that you are here if anyone needs anything. Put yourself out there and let me know what happens. I’d be willing to bet that just offering your help to anyone who needs it will automatically make you a popular networker!

One last little tip? Alright, if you insist! Remember that it is always better to collect business cards rather than giving them out. Now, that isn’t to say don’t give you cards out, but it really gives you a leg up when you are deciding who to connect with. After all, you have their number and email address so the ball’s in your court, right?

What other networking basics do you think we should talk about?



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