June 14, 2017

Breaking Bad Habits In Business

Most people have their own way of doing things with their business. It is after all, their business to run. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Most people can run their own business without any issues or problems occurring. However, there are a few bad behaviors, practices and habits that may not be good for your business’s health. What is a bad business habit exactly? It is a practice or behavior done habitually or continually in your business. This could be done by one person or a group of people. It is something that negatively affects your business in some fashion or another.

So what might you be doing that is not obvious? Well, profiling is an obvious one but can be done in ways that is not obvious at all. Of course, you should never profile someone by skin color or gender. Did you know that you shouldn’t by the way they dress? How about by how feminine or masculine they are? You could very easily be doing this subconsciously. What about more basic bad habits? There are things like sending your profits off to the bank at the same time every day.

Kick Those Bad Habits

  1. The first rule of breaking bad business habits is to be aware. Never let anything become a regular routine. When you lose your awareness to routines without thinking, you allow mistakes to happen.
  2. Another important rule is to keep an open mind. You can plan for the usual or the worst while still hoping for the best.
  3. Finally, concentrate on improving all aspects of your business on a regular basis. This should be the one thing that you actually do routinely. The best way to break bad business habits is to always try to improve your business. Make goals to surpass on a monthly, or yearly basis.

Sometimes, the less obvious the habit, the more obvious the solution. That is the number one tip I can give you on this. Be sure to work on your bad habits and build your business and brand to better yourself and your company.


Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking

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