September 16, 2015

But…I hate to cook!

At my Cooking Shows, I often meet people who say this to me.  They sometimes end up placing the largest orders!  Not liking to cook (I prefer that over the word HATE) usually comes down to a handful of issues. Let’s talk about them!

#1 I don’t know HOW to cook.

When I don’t know HOW to do something, I’m usually not eager to try.  As the first-born, overachiever, perfectionist in my family, I don’t want to look less than spectacular at ANYTHING.  So if you don’t know HOW, my suggestion is to find a handful of recipes that you really want to learn to be good at & make those your specialties.  You’ll be FAMOUS for them for generations!  You probably have a couple of them in your head already.  And on the other days, go with crockpot chicken covered in BBQ sauce, Papa Murphy’s Pizza (they have delicious $5.00 pizzas that you bake at home), grocery store deli meals & sometimes go to your favorite restaurant.   Once you get really good at those 5 meals, add another one once a month.  In a year, you will ROCK at SEVENTEEN meals!  C’mon!  Change your reputation!

#2  I don’t know WHAT to cook.

Chicken can be prepared in thousands of ways.  But on an average night of any week, all I can do is wonder “How do I make chicken exciting again tonight?”  Let’s get spicy!  Seasonings can make ALL the difference…for chicken, for fish, for pork, turkey & beef!  Choose your flavors around a cultural theme & then throw in side dishes that go with that.  For instance, use Chipotle Rub on a pork tenderloin for a zippy southwest flavor; serve it with rice & refried beans.  Italian Seasoning on your chicken begs for a pasta dish & green salad.  Greek Rub on your fish can be served with orzo or quinoa topped with chopped broccoli & feta cheese.  You get the idea!  During dinner, ask those you feed to tell you about their favorite regional dishes.  Write it down & highlight the family member who suggested this dinner once a week.  Play music to go along with the meal.  (At our house, we have mariachi music when we eat Mexican food.  Ole!)

#3 I don’t have the right tools.

This is the secret reason for many cooks’ displeasure!  If you were trying to carve a turkey, you wouldn’t pull out a paring knife and a cutting board the size of a sandwich, would you?  Of course not.  Many times we “make do” with what we have & don’t realize the importance of having the RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB.  (I’m mostly talking to women here.  Men are very familiar with Home Depot or Lowes.)  So make sure that your cutting board & knife are big enough to handle the job.  Don’t slice a zucchini with a paring knife.  Treat yourself to a Chef Knife or Santoku Knife for this.  (You don’t have to be a chef or Japanese to use these!) And SHARPEN your knives!  It’s difficult AND dangerous to use a dull knife.   If you grate vegetables & cheese, buy a grater that is comfortable in your hand.  Throw away that metal box that hurts your hand every time you use it!  And if you have any kitchen tool that is RUSTY, throw it away RIGHT NOW & call me to order a great quality replacement!

#4 I don’t have TIME to cook.

Time is a BIG issue for nearly every one.  Your best solution is a Crockpot or a Rockcrok.  (Say THAT 5 times fast!)  You already know about crock pots & I bet you have one.  If you love yours, pickup some Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners at the grocery store so that cleanup is a breeze.  A Rockcrok is a fairly new Pampered Chef invention!  It’s a black, ceramic cooking vessel (4 qt, 2.5 qt & 2 qt sizes) that can be used anywhere…in the oven, in the microwave, under the broiler, on the grill & on the stovetop.  You can even use a combination of heat sources for the same dish.  For instance, saute peppers, onions & celery in butter & oil on the stove, then add the rest of your ingredients & finish it in the oven.  If you want to broil cheese on top when it’s done, you can switch to the broiler.  You can even clean it in the dishwasher.  You might think that since you already have a Crockpot, you don’t need a Rockcrok.  The wonderful difference is that what takes 4-6 hours to cook in the Crockpot can be made in under 30 minutes in the Rockcrok!  And wouldn’t it be amazing to always have dinner ready in 30 minutes or less??

#5 The people in my family are too picky & it’s not fun to cook for them.

Picky eaters are NOT fun.  I have some in my family & sometimes the friends I feed are picky too.  There are ways around this!  Some dishes can be served like a salad bar.  For instance, when you make burritos, have all the extras (cheese, salsa, olives, onions & chiles) in separate bowls.  If you are serving a green salad, serve it “cobb” style so that all the toppings are in their own row or corner on top of the lettuce.  Baked potato bars are easy this way too.  If you are like me, let the picky ones go through the chow line first … then you can mix the rest together & enjoy everything!

What are your cooking challenges?  Chances are, I can help!  I began with Pampered Chef 23 years ago & I’ve held over 1700 cooking shows around Arizona.  I’m the Arizona Consultant with the oldest PC business in the state!  I’d love to help you with a Fundraiser, Bridal Show, “Mommy & Me” Cooking show, freezer workshop, “Cooking with Couples” or “Girls Night Out” shows!  All of these events are “hands-on” so you get a chance to try the tools, help make the food & eat what we’ve created!  Or you can just cut to the chase & order your Rockcrok!

SEVEN has been a huge blessing to me over the last 5 years!  I’ve learned how to better communicate about my business. The discussion topics & presentations have inspired me to reach for my goals.  And the friendships I’ve formed are priceless!


Brenda Gowey | SEVEN NetworkingBrenda Gowey


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