January 26, 2017

Consistency Is Key!

Be Consistent With Your Business and Its Practices

Have you ever gotten angry with someone for not being consistent with a story they tell? How about a price on something like gasoline? Yeah, we all have and that is why consistency in business is that much more important. If you are not consistent in your business, then your business stands to lose respect and customers. Not to mention help and leads from others in a business networking group. You should always practice consistency in your business regardless, as customers have a great appreciation for it, too. So how do you maintain such a consistency?


Sound Decision Making

A large part of running a business is making the right decision the first time. Making an educated decision, at least, is a good start. However, it is also important to stay on track with your decisions without making a terrible one along the way. If you are following a business plan, stick to it! It is like ordering a chocolate donut, eating half of it, then telling the clerk you wanted a muffin. You can’t expect other businesses and customers to respect you if you change your mind every five seconds. If you choose to go with products from one supplier, you need to have thought it through before ordering them. For one, it makes you look bad to have not looked at something thoroughly before buying it. Then it looks bad to short the original supplier on whatever deal you made with them.


Stick To What You Started

Some companies can branch out into other fields. However, not every company is a superstore. It makes a difference. If you go into the landscaping business, do not try to go into dry-walling. Sure, if you can really advertise employees with experience in both fields, go ahead. If you can’t, then don’t make it seem like you are less specialized in the original. Your business’s sector can’t just be changed. To put it simply; If people see you as a grocery store, do not try to become a hardware store. Your prices won’t be the same as a real one. Your products might not be the best. As I said, stick to what you are good at. If you want your business to be a few different things, then start it as a few different things. Or start a second business.


Don’t Be Like Social Media

Have you seen Myspace recently? Probably not, because Myspace went under a while ago. Oh, it is still there, but it is not the same as it was at all. Myspace changed so much that people left. Changing your business practices for the better is fine, but do not be too bold. Consistency means making your customers and partners comfortable. This means not changing your entire business on a moment’s notice. If change is required, then do it slowly and accurately. If done quickly, then you will turn people off. Being consistent means staying true to your values and what your business stands for as well. As they say in the movies… Stick to your guns.

Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking

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