May 18, 2016

Creative Marketing

It seems like there is always something shiny and new when it comes to marketing your business. You’ve probably used the standard flyers, maybe some print advertising, and of course networking groups to get the word out. This week we are talking about creative marketing techniques.


I did a little poll and asked my Facebook friends what they’ve done. Here are some of the different ways people have been creative with their marketing:

From Ires Alliston

  • Create an affiliate link for referrals and clients
  • Create a testimonial video from clients
  • Create contests that add value to clients and guests
  • Create a loyalty program
  • Use send out cards to thank customers and prospects
  • Create or record an MP3 sound bite providing great value or content and send it free via email or website to your client list

From Vikki Goy

Vikki likes to give clever gifts with a call to action –

  • A pack of tissues with a card that says “for a CLEAN real estate transaction from someone who NOSE the real estate market call me today”
  • A scented candle with a note that says “working with a realtor you can trust makes scents”
  • A birdfeeder with a note that says “every birdie needs a good realtor … please feed me your referrals”

From Deva Childs

Some banks have a “business spotlight” at each branch. Businesses are in the spotlight for 1 – 2 weeks. They have a large bi-fold or trifold cardboard the business can post photos and information on. Often you can also have handouts. Some businesses may have a drawing or some other contest that lets them collect business cards. You can really get creative on a shoestring budget.

From Joanna Seldin Lipper 

Joanna’s daughter has an online jewelry biz which she promotes on social media. She ran a promotion recently to gain new customers. If you were the first customer in your state you won a free mystery gift with your order. She gained customers in over 30 new states! As they came in she posted picturess with the states filled in on a map on Facebook and Instagram.


Here are a few of the many ideas found on the blog: 64 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Social Media

  • Promote your social media profiles. Put your handle on your business cards (it’s great if it’s the same on all platforms). Doing a presentation? Include it up in the corner of the screen. Making flyers? Include it on your flyer. Let people know how they can get in touch with you quickly and easily.
  • Be an active participant in social media – it’s called “social” for a reason. People who are active get more attention.
  • Use a service like FABrightnow to help you get the word out.

Urban Marketing

  • If you have a brick & mortar business, write a clever call to action on the sidewalk with chalk. Catch the attention of those walking by.
  • Get creative with an easel or sandwich board on the sidewalk in front of your shop to attract attention.
  • Create a clever flyer and ask local coffee shops if you can leave some on the counter.
  • Cross promote your business with a neighboring business.

Contest Marketing

  • Caption This contests – Invite people to caption a fun picture that also relates to your brand. Make sure you are clear what the prize is.
  • Photo contests – Ask your followers to post a photo that contains one of your products. Use Likes & Shares to judge popularity.

Content Marketing

  • Infographics – You can share a lot of information about your business & your industry in an infographic. There are lots of templates out there or you can hire someone to make them for you. Keep it clean, branded, and relatable.
  • Live Videos – video is huge and with the addition of Facebook Live you have lots of options for sharing. Live videos are very authentic and people relate to them well.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t be afraid to step outside the box, get creative,  and add a new twist to your marketing!


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