December 8, 2015

Do We Really Listen to Our Customers?

In my first six years as a business owner I thought I was providing my members everything that I thought they needed to succeed in business  until I had a revelation about six months ago.  If I thought it was a good idea for them to blog then I offered them a blogging spot on the SEVEN networking website.  If I thought it would be good for their business to learn about the various social media platforms then I incorporated it into our educational topics.  I have always asked for feedback and welcomed it from my leaders and members and when there was very little feedback coming my way I just proceeded on my merry way!  Until I started hearing from other entrepreneurs that they wanted to be active on social media but they just had no extra time in their already busy lives to do it or were frustrated by the never ending amount of new platforms and changes that were always taking place. They also could not afford to spend and arm and a leg for this service.  It took me many months of hearing this three to four times a week to finally open my ears!!  My customers were asking for something and I had to really listen to them now and make it happen or else!! I had always promised to provide them with what they asked for.  I realized from the past that I may have been partially listening and so now I had to sit down, digest this request and really hear what they were asking for.


Fast forward to Sept. of this year.  My sweet daughter spent three weeks in the hospital and of course as any momma would I was by her side all day, every day.  I had a bed right next to hers where I slept and I had my computer set up on the other side of her bed so that I could work and still watch her every move.  My poor girl was sick and spent many hours sleeping each day or watching Netflix on the IPAD.  When we weren’t meeting with doctors we were in the room.  She was content resting so I got busy on the computer doing a ton of research.  I tried educating myself on social media and learned that it is a complex maze.  There is definitely a science as to when to post, what hashtags to use and how to drive traffic to the posts.  Oh boy, there was a lot to learn, but I was so nervous about my daughter I rarely slept.  Not to mention you know every time you shut your eyes the nurses come in to wake you up to take the vitals or fluff the pillows.


During that hospital stay my daughter regained her life and the concept of this new business was coming together. I would be giving my members and other entrepreneurs a marketing service that was easy for them and affordable and my daughter was able to return to a “normal” life of a 17 year old!!!  I also realized that I have found very effective ways to make social media work for me but that I am by far no expert so that I needed to be working with marketing firm to make this happen.  I had worked with Envizion Advertising in the past and I have always been impressed with their team.  They were hired to design the website, logo and make this all happen for everyone.

I am excited to announce that FABrightnow will be launching this week!!!  The marketing team is in place to do the work for you at an extremely affordable rate.  When I say affordable that is an understatement.  So, do you want to your marketing to be awesome, marvelous or incredibly fabulous!!!  It’s your choice!!  Thrilled to be on this journey with all of you and may we always remember to really listen to our customers and hear what they are saying.

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