September 3, 2015

Guest Blog: Cheryl Fehberg

I worked in a giant telco and had worked in many different roles in that company. I had started in an Inbound Customer Service / sales role providing assistance to customers in getting on the internet. In those days we would send customers an Internet Access Kit (a cd) which would assist them in getting online to purchase a dial up service! (Whoa, can you believe it?!) I also assisted those enlightened souls who would listen about broadband services, assess their needs and offer them a broadband service if their usage warranted it.

My next role was making calls to business owners to have a discussion with them on the products they had from our company and ensuring they were using them in the best possible ways, checking that they were in fact the best products for them, all with a view to offering them a better phone line plan, internet plan or mobile service.

Then I was offered a role in bringing customers (back) to the company. Firstly this meant that I wasn’t “chained” to a phone anymore, I could go out and see the clients, get to know them and their businesses and offer them a better way of doing things.

It was a natural progression for me to be a part of the project teams in writing communications for people who worked in call centres and people who were seeing their clients face to face. I specialised in writing work procedures for both roles. It was perfect for me to do this as I completely understood how call centre consultants looked up information, where they were housed and the tools they used and what would best assist them in a limited timeframe. They had to find the information and assist their customers quickly. The average phone call allowed was about 3 minutes 40 seconds. I also held training sessions for call centre consultants working on exit products. I ensured that consultants knew which products were exiting, how the products worked and where, if possible, these products could be interchanged with products which weren’t exiting. I worked as part of a project team where legal counsel was also engaged. We had to approve all others’ areas of expertise when the communications needed to go online and write it in such a way that the legal counsel was satisfied that this met legal obligations. I quickly learned that what some people thought was acceptable to go online was not my idea of what was acceptable. These communications were quite flawed, so I re-wrote most of what I saw. They had been littered with spelling mistakes and poor writing skills that would be difficult for people to completely understand and I just couldn’t let these communications go online like that.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

So, at a time when I was time poor was naturally the best time to start my own business (yes, big haha here folks). I gained the qualifications to be able to teach adults as I felt that would assist in what I wanted to do.

I began my business. It was about a year later that my role was no longer required. I worked in a number of roles in the next six, seven years and also worked on and in my own business. No job came close to being my passion. Proofreading and editing was my passion. So I took the plunge and jumped without a safety net and made the decision to work only in my business.

It really was the perfect thing for me to do. It gave people a voice. It allowed my clients to write about their passions. I don’t think I could love doing something more than running my business. My business might morph as time goes by because I’m also up for listening to my heart and changing. I’m not rigid in my thinking, I’m open and I allow things to ebb and flow.

I went for it at that point and made the decision to get off the corporate mouse exercise wheel and go it alone.
I’ve done some really interesting work in my business. One that was really up there was proofreading and editing a letter of request to Bill Gates from a gentleman who had ALS. He has since passed away and unfortunately didn’t see any results. The important thing was in giving him a voice.

I’m working with a writer who is writing a children’s book trilogy. It’s a fantasy work and is very dear to me. I feel very lucky to be doing what I do.

Over the years I’ve proofread and edited many types of manuscripts including:
• Advertisements
• Books – Fiction, Technical, Non Fiction and Children’s Books
• Theatrical plays
• A Bible (can you believe it?!)
• Various types of Blogs
• Websites
• Resumes
• Documents
• Flyers
• Blogs
• Film Reviews
• Customer Proposals
• Procedure Manuals
• Business Letters
• Presentations
• Training Manuals
• Student Essays

I assist bloggers and writers all over the world present their best work. I offer specialised proofreading and editing services to ensure that the right message and the right feel are captured in what is written. Good, thorough editing is very important for your message whether it’s about yourself, your business, or a cause you feel passionate about, your words are important as that is the only connection the reader has with you.

I ensure that the correct grammar, punctuation, flow and word placement for the best way to align the reader with what is written, is achieved, so that you can concentrate on the strategic work in your business.

It’s fabulous and always keeps me on my toes because I never know what my next job will be, so it’s always exciting. I love having to learn new things which happens with each new piece of work I do.

Benefits of Networking

Whilst I work alone, what I had been missing is contact with fellow workers and feeling a little isolated at times. I made the decision that I should join a networking group. SEVEN came up trumps for me and it’s been the best decision I’ve made. The meetings are informative and friendly. I’m meeting lots of new people who have diverse businesses. The meetings are fun as well as being educational. Being part of a virtual group suits me very well and given that I’m in Australia, allows me to join a great network such as SEVEN. I love that you have the choice with SEVEN. I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to bounce ideas off my networking group and continuing to learn and grow. It’s quite new for me but it already feels like a very supportive network and I’m thankful for that.

Cheryl Fehlberg
Editor | Proofreader | Online Business Consultant
MD Enhanced Editing Services
Ph: 0422 864 844

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