March 4, 2018

Heart Centered Entrepreneurs: We Are Not Just Another Networking Group

Today while working with an entrepreneur I was reminded of one of the most important important things I learned as a child that has made me a Heart Centered Entrepreneur and has made me extremely successful in life and business.  If I could share this one business tip with you today, I promise it will change your business success forever!

Most people want to get rich fast. 

They will push their business on you, they will try to convince you why YOU need their product or services.  They will do just about anything to get the almighty buck.  Some people fall for this and I know I have at times in my life too.

But, as heart centered entrepreneurs we lead with the heart and we don’t make the offer first.  Success comes by making a difference in the world, not simply by making an offer.

 Life is not about money. 

Yes, we all need money to pay our bills and feed our children but let me ask you:

  •     Who do you want to serve?
  •     How can you help them get what they want?
  •     What can you share with them to help them succeed?

I came from a family where my dad helped everyone with his heart.  It wasn’t about money but it was about opening his heart.  It was about who he could help.  I always said he wasn’t a great businessman because he had a hard time saying no to people.  I think I have inherited that gene as well but it makes me who I am today!

Make a difference in the world.

When you build a business because you want to make a difference in the world it transforms you, your heart and your soul. It forces you to look deeply within yourself and choose your heart over anything else.  Are you ready and willing?  If you are, then success is waiting for you!!!  Yes, it does take time but you’re not going anywhere and think of the difference that you will be making in the world!!

Lots of love always-


 Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking

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