September 21, 2019

How to be Memorable

Every entrepreneur wants to be memorable and stand out from the other thousands of people who are in the exact same business. Think about it. There are about 73,500 realtors in AZ. Pampered Chef is a massive corporation with more than 40,000 consultants in the United States. California has over 30,000 hairstylists. With the numbers of entrepreneurs on the rise how can one stay top of mind?

There are several ways to stay memorable-

1) Become comfortable networking– In my experience, those entrepreneurs who are very successful are those who are active in the networking circles and are experts at building relationships.

Building relationships is a way of life. Always take advantage of meeting new people and building relationships. I often hear people say that they already know too many insurance agents and they aren’t interested in meeting any new ones. What they fail to realize is that every insurance agent knows hundreds of people as well.

Never give up the opportunity when you are invited to a networking meeting or a coffee date with a new person. This is how your circle will grow. The more people you know and spend the time building relationships with the more your business will grow.

2) Communicate and add value– Everyone likes to talk but it is the people who add value to conversations that get remembered. Don’t think of what you can take from others but instead what you can give.


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