February 22, 2017

How To Engage New People

Ask Questions Whenever You Meet Someone

Business networking is all about meeting new people that can help you and your business. Sometimes, you help them more than they help you, but that is okay. It is all about networking. Creating and finding new leads for your business is key to any kind of success. So, what do you ask someone new? Everything! At least, everything that is appropriate to ask. Today we are going to go over key questions that you need to ask everyone you meet in business networking. It is not just about asking yourself how they can help you, because judging a book by its cover is never a good idea. So, what should you ask them?

First Off, What Do They Do?

There is little more important than knowing what someone does for their business. What is the point of their business? What is their goal? Basically, you need to find out what their business is. At that point, you get to talking about more important details on that topic. It is also a great conversation starter. Are you not sick of awkward conversations? This will easily solve that problem.

Hi, How Are You?

This may just sound like a nice polite question to ask, but it is really important. If someone just feels like you want to know what they can do for you, they will blow you off. Show so interest in how they are doing and how their business is doing. This also helps you decide how to handle them and any relationship you may have with their business. Again, it is a great conversation starter. You may actually want to ask this question first. Just to be polite.

Ask Small Questions Too

It is perfectly okay to ask where they are from. Such things usually bring out conversations from the other person. Do no counter it with your own. Making them feel special will make them more comfortable. If they like you, you will get a lot farther in making them a successful lead for your business. Make small talk whenever you can. Unless they are solely interested in talking about business. Most people are not all about business, though. So, use that to your advantage.

Ask The Big Questions When Appropriate

You certainly do not want to do business with someone who is not entirely ready to do business with you. Asking subtle questions about how their business is doing is important. Obviously, you are not going to directly ask what their profit margin has been lately. Bring up how successful they are or how well they seem to be doing. If that doesn’t make them spout off at the mouth about various success stories or how many clients they have, it is best to give them some time. Last but certainly not least, ask them if they are interested in doing business with you. This has to be done after all the other questions we have mentioned here. Chances are, though that if you are interested in doing business with them, then they will be interested in the same. This is the pride and joy of business networking.

 Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking

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