About Lanie Martin

Lanie considers herself a native after living in Arizona for 42 years. She entered the Senior Health industry due to not having the knowledge necessary to assist her father with his cognitive disorder. After all the mishandling of her father’s situation, she proceeded to do research and by doing so obtained a vast knowledge on how to handle various healthcare challenges. She never wants any family to go through what she and her family had to endure.

In addition, Lanie has 37 years in the mortgage industry. Having worked with clients in all walks of life, helping people is what she knows best. Lanie’s compassion, caring and personal touch is who she is.

Lanie enjoys spending time with her 3 beautiful daughters and son in law, grandkids, mom, and her amazing husband. She loves to work out and travel. A big non-profit that she contributes to is Oakwood Creative Care, an adult day center for loved ones suffering from cognitive disorders. Oakwood holds a special place in her heart. Lanie’s father loved going to Oakwood prior to his passing.