November 13, 2018

#LinkedIn connections in person, face to face, belly to belly

#LinkedInLocal is a meetup concept created by Anna McAfee with the purpose to meet #LinkedIn connections in person, face to face, belly to belly. It was then developed by Erik EklundAlexandria Galviz amd Manu Goswami with the purpose to connect people from all walks of life to meet at facilitated events all over the world to genuinely get to know the person behind the LinkedIn profile, to shake hands, connect and build relationships.

We have hosted 4 LinkedInLocals in the East Valley of Phoenix and #5 is coming up on Weds, November 14th from 6-8:30 at The Forum 2301 South Stearman Drive Chandler, AZ 85286

Be sure you get your seat for November 14, 2018 as we are hosting Ginger Johnson!

Ginger is a Connector, Speaker, Author and even has a TEDx under her belt.

She will be sharing on the topic of Connectivity! What does it mean to connect on purpose?

How about with a service mindset guiding you? Well, fasten your seat belts as the high energy Ginger comes to provide a lively and engaging talk on Connectivity: the human ties that bind.

You will leave #LinkedInValleyEastValleyPHX knowing the 7 Elements of Connectivity, Do’s & Don’ts and what makes Connectivity so powerful.

As always, proceeds from ticket sales go to Joy Bus Diner as a donation to help feed cancer patients in the East Valley.

Why should you attend?

I reached out to some friends to get their valuable feedback- Thank you Anton and Jill.

1) For those unfamiliar with LinkedIn to learn the benefits of it and what the platform is truly all about versus what the common perception may be.

2) For LinkedIners to learn how to network in a smaller more private setting

3) To deepen the knowledge of the platform to include better ways to understand algorithm and how it is ran

4) To set up new collaborations with like minded business owners that can lead to more exposure or business.

People are more fun in person. It’s easier to figure out what you may have in common when you’re speaking/listening to someone’s face. You already have something in common…. Linkedin!!

Networking goes a long way – One lady I met mentioned she needed help with staffing her food truck, my daughter is looking for a job – Now they are communicating and I hope it’ll work out for both of them.

Teaching – you know something that someone doesn’t know. It’s fun to be able to share knowledge and trade ideas/tactics for business and growth (or just life in general – I often give parenting tips that helped me when my kids were younger). You may get (another) new best friend. (I’m still looking, but I’m hopeful).

LinkedIn Local is different than any other networking group. Each chapter adds it’s own flair and the dynamics of the group is incredible. If you haven’t yet – you should find a LinkedIn Local that is near you and show up. You won’t regret it.

As my friend Kenyatta says- LinkedIn is magical!!! Come and experience it for yourself!

Don’t be shy about attending a LinkedIn local alone. Lori CorriganSandie Sanchez and Anton Chumak Andryakov will be there to greet you and introduce you to others.

Get your tickets here: LinkedIn Local East Valley

Not local, no worries. Find a #LinkedInLocal event near you!

Looking forward to meeting you!

XOXO Karen

Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking







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