Hey It’s Laura Phillips! Your Greeting Card Hero with Mailbox Power!

Using Mailbox Power, YOU can automagically send personalized cards, postcards, personalized gifts and so much more to your clients and customers and friends and family that will LITERALLY make them say WOW!!

MBP is a fantastic customer experience platform, that uses technology to effortlessly connect with others via direct mail!

No more shopping for cards, handwriting them out, then standing in line at the Post Office to send your card and gift! You can create it yourself on your computer or smart phone and our facility will print and send in the mail on your behalf!

·         Everyone has a mailbox

·         90% of mail gets opened as opposed to only 10% of email.

·         Adding a name to your direct mail increases response rates by 135%

·         39% of consumers try a business for the first time because of direct mail

Save time and money and GET NOTICED! Leverage the power of the mailbox with Mailbox Power! It’s an unforgettable tool that gets you noticed and can MAKE YOUR PHONE RING!™

You can find me on Facebook, Laura Phillips, or text me at 562-658-5306 to get started NOW!!


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