Couples Therapy DOESN’T Work!

Venting, Finger Pointing and Blaming will NEVER get you what you want…

You want to be HEARD, SEEN and UNDERSTOOD.


We, The Soulmate Coaches get you there.

We, Mark and Lynetta are a Husband and Wife TEAM that COACH TOGETHER.  We KNOW what it takes to have an amazing relationship and have the experience and tools to get you there.


You may have a college degree in business or science BUT YOU DON’T have advanced training in Relationship Dynamics, Communications and Intimacy. We do. We have decades of training in transformational work, emotional healing, trauma work, life coaching, energy healing, spirituality and sexual healing. We also have decades of making the same mistakes in our past relationships. It took us over 50 years to master relationships where we both feel totally seen, heard and understood. We feel honored, treasured and completely loved. And, we don’t compromise or sacrifice to have it. Ready for YOURS? Contact us on Facebook:

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