December 15, 2016

Making Your Personal Brand Stand Out

Stand out and Stand up for your business!

We are now in an age filled with ways to share your business without leaving the comfort of your home, and sometimes, without leaving the comfort of your PJs! This makes today, right now, the best time to start building your brand, no more excuses! Let me give you even fewer reasons to hold back with some tips on how to make your personal brand stand out.

Photo Time!

We have all heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Do you take this into account with your business? On social media, or anywhere that you or your brand can be found, is your photo a professional looking image? Would you buy from you the way your picture looks? If not, it is time for a change. This is the first impression that people will have of your or your business, make sure it is a good one. Dress professionally and avoid distractions for your image, no sunglasses, and be sure to have a current image of you, present day. Not that image of you 10 years ago. Yes you look amazing in it, but your customers aren’t meeting that you, they are meeting you now.

Be Visible

If you are not easy to find, then neither is your business. You are just as important as the business itself. Create a social media page or account for all areas that you wish to use in advertising your brand. Here is the kicker, you are valuable in your business, but only 15% of consumers trust what you as a business say. Closer to 90% trust word of mouth and what their friends are saying. So you need to be more like a friend and not a corporate business head. If you are hiding behind the corporate side, you will not come off as human, but instead you will come off as robotic, and will not be relatable to your consumers.

Have Business Cards as Unique as Your Brand

A business card is a quick and easy way to stand out in the crowd. When you meet with other businesses, your card needs to show itself off. It needs to wow them, so you are not just another card they forget about. Make it high quality, and a decent weight. Be sure that it is legible and not extremely cluttered, it needs to catch their eye, not make it wander more. Then, most importantly include a call to action on the card, such as “visit my website at” or “check out our facebook”. Branding your business means investing in yourself and your brand. So be sure to show those you know what you can do for them as well!


Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking

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