Michelle Hale Allen

It’s my pleasure to introduce Elite Senior Team Leader Michelle Hale Allen with Mary Kay. Michelle began her Mary Kay business in Fairbanks, AK and has been a Mary Kay consultant for over 26 years. She never wanted to do this & felt it was a little beneath her since she had a degree in Marketing. After listening to the MK facts, she quickly realized that this opportunity was just what she needed with 2 small kids, a military spouse and a busy job.

Fast forward to now, she’s a single mother of 2 of great young adults AJ, 30 who’s married and a Marine Corp pilot & Alisha, 28-who is also a part of her unit and is an entrepreneur also building her own organization. Michelle is a cancer conqueror for almost 10 years now and to God be the glory for the things He has done in her life. She is also an independent virtual executive assistant for C-level executives and is a licensed life insurance agent.

Michelle has earned 2 gold medal, 3 silver medal & 2 bronze medals for helping women start their own Mary Kay business & has earned the use of 3 company cars with the most recent being the Chevy Cruze; been a star consultant for over 64 quarters!! Her most special award was being named unit Miss Give by her sister consultants 3 times!! Michelle was able to take her kids cruising in the Bahamas with Mary Kay money!! Thank you, Mary Kay. She has relocated her business several times across the country and has no doubt she shall do so again with great success. She looks forward to many more cars, trips, building unit car drivers & offspring directors while steering her D3 unit on the road to success; helping them to rise above their circumstance and become the women of power and strength that God said they can be through this awesome opportunity called Mary Kay.

Give it up for one of the hottest, most inspiring and truly blessed women of God in the area, future Senior Sales Director Michelle Hale Allen