June 11, 2015

My Vision For SEVEN Networking

Vision For SEVENIf you’ve been reading these blogs each week, you probably already realize just how much I love this organization. Lately, we have been fortunate to grow, develop, and change how we do things. Because of these changes, we have been able to provide more entrepreneurs with the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals and connect from different time zones! I am so proud of the expansion of our efforts and I am continually being inspired to further SEVEN! There are so many amazing plans for our future and I wanted to share some of those ideas with you this week!

SEVEN has recently started providing virtual chapters for our entrepreneurs who need more flexibility with their schedules or those who live in a state where one of our chapters is not located. That being said, if you would like to start a SEVEN chapter, you can always discuss with me how to make that happen and i’d be happy to walk you though it.

Eventually, my goal is to have SEVEN virtual chapters meeting every day and at every hour in order to accommodate any and all entrepreneurs who wish to join us for discussions and networking events. My vision is that we are able to provide all of this and more for our entrepreneurs. I want to connect our groups to people who will ultimately help their businesses flourish while they also benefit other’s Companies. It also doesn’t hurt to add that many a friendship has been made in our groups because of the dedicated and amazing people that attend our meetings (in person or virtually) every week.

When thinking about what else I would like to see in our future, a certain idea sprung to mind! I truly believe that millennials are our future! For that reason, it is my hope that we will one day be able to provide a foundation that would help to benefit young entrepreneurs. After all, they will be the future of networking and business and, therefore, the future of SEVEN.

The idea that we could eventually be able to provide these amazing connections, helpful information, and the funds to make their dreams come true, is one of the reasons I love what I do for a living. We are able to give our younger generations vital experiences that enrich their lives and shape them for a brighter future.

As I sum up this week’s blog, I keep imagining the wonderful future that is in store for SEVEN and its members. I truly believe that we can all together create an even more amazing world for entrepreneurs to work, create, live in and love. We are so lucky to live in a time where these sort of connections and networking opportunities are available to us. Just imagine where we could be in ten years time. I know that I will be looking back on this blog and feeling grateful for all who helped us get there along the way!

What would you like to see in SEVEN’S future?

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