August 12, 2015

Virtual Networking In The RV

It’s the time of year when families are spending time together…whether it be excursions to the beach, treks to the serenity of the mountains or desert adventures…often, returning year after year to create new memories in a cherished location.  Some of these folks travel by RV and I’m happy to say my husband and I have joined the masses of happy campers!

As I type this, we are on Highway 99, somewhere between Fresno and Sacramento, en route to Lincoln City, OR, for our niece’s wedding.  I have to tell you…there are many pluses and a few minuses to this whole house on wheels thing.

First, the pluses — let’s face it…sometimes nature calls at the most inopportune times.  Now, as long as there is a place to pull over – no big deal.  Of course, this assumes that the trailer layout allows access to the facilities, i.e., a slide out is not blocking the entrance to the restroom.  Most travel trailer refrigerators run on propane as well as electricity.  We brought the trailer to our home two days before we left, to “stock” it and left the refrigerator running on propane.  When it was time to go…the refrigerator was already cold and loaded — no last minute ice chest packing here.  Also, the passenger compartment of the vehicle stays pretty clutter-free since all the gear you’ve brought is stowed in the trailer.  Last, I just can’t tolerate heat as well as I once did — being able to cool us and the dogs in the AC is priceless!

Now, for the minuses — 55 mph maximum legal speed…at least in California.  It gives you more time to enjoy the scenery but when you have an end point in mind, it’s hard.  My husband figured on this first trip that he’d drive as far as he could and then we’d pull into a rest area and grab a few zzz’s.  3:00 AM is when he started looking for rest areas — the first one was 100% full with trucks lining the entrance and exit.  About 25 miles further down the road we hit another rest area and were able to find a spot to park.  Have you ever felt like you were sleeping on a freeway? Yep, that’s how it sounded.  Next time, I think we’ll try Campland, Kmart or WalMart parking lots if it’s just a couple hour stop — it has to be quieter than where we were.  Let’s talk tow vehicle — sure,you can use a SUV to tow many different trailers, but the weight is extremely important and even if the vehicle is rated to tow the RV Networking | SEVEN Networkingtrailer, it might be a miserably slow crawl up the Cajon Pass.  How about miles per gallon?  10…maybe 11 in our diesel vehicle.  The upside?  Diesel fuel is considerably less than regular unleaded…at least in California.  It makes the low mpg a little easier pill to swallow.

My husband has been cross country via RV…this is all new to me and I feel like a fish out of water.  But…I adapt quickly.  What I do know is networking and I see this as a perfect marriage of networking and adventure!  I recently discovered S.E.V.E.N. networking. The weekly meetings I attend are of the virtual kind and are one of the most supportive type network meetings I’ve ever encountered!

I work from home at my regular 8 to 5 job, so my networking opportunities are not as numerous as they once were..  Hitting the local RV parks to test out our new travel trailer has given me boatloads of opportunity to share my love of Young Living Essential Oils and Damsel in Defense.

So far, most of the folks we meet while RVing are of the same mindset as me and my husband — they love the outdoors and meeting new people.  Our two dogs always accompany us and people are always curious when they see me oiling up one of the dogs, using a bug go away spray on my husband or see the pepper spray clipped to my side.  Of course, since I’m always trying to think outside the box…I have been toying with having Essential Oils 101 and Essential Oils 102 Make and Take classes…in the RV! What do you think?  Is that too outside the box? Heck, if I can make that work, I think the trailer would become a write off.  For now,I don’t feel guilty when we make plans for a weekend adventure as I know it just might be when I meet my next, best customer!


Vickie Eagleman | SEVEN Networking

Vicki Eagleman is an Independent Consultant for both Young Living Essential Oils and Damsel in Defense. For additional information on the products and services she provides, please contact her through her website.


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