June 6, 2017

Never Give Up

Don’t Stop Believing!

No matter what you decide to do, there will be struggles that are sometimes more than you feel you can handle. This is especially true for entrepreneurs and even seasoned business owners. I know that I have faced several moments where I am overwhelmed and I think I should throw in the towel and get a regular job. Do I do that though? No, and I never will. Why? Because I believe in myself and my business, which you should too. Here are some reasons why you should never, ever give up on your dreams or passions as a business owner.

What Are Your Choices?

You could give up, but where does that really leave you? What will you do instead? You may feel like quitting after a major product or service is launched and it is not working out the way you planned. That does not mean you should give up on your passion. This is just you getting sidetracked and you have to refocus. You can fail. Walt Disney failed more than a few times, and was told that his ideas would not go anywhere, look at his empire he left behind today! Or J,K Rowling, she was turned down 12 separate times before getting her chance, and now she has made an impact on many of her readers, “Harry Potter” has made her a well-known author, but she still faced rejection.  You can make mistakes, there will be bumps in your path to success, but instead of quitting, ride your bumps and show them you are stronger! You can do this, and each mistake will be a lesson teaching you how!

Passion Is Necessary

Giving up on your dreams is losing your passion. That leaves you in a state of feeling unfulfilled. Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart would not have gotten the company to what it is today without passion. Don’t waste the potential that you have, live your life with a purpose and you will never want to give up on your passions. What if you quit today, gave up on everything you built, only to find out that tomorrow you would have become a millionaire if you would have kept going? You never know what is around the corner, and in truth today might be rough but tomorrow could be smooth sailing.

Success Means You Proved Them Wrong

The feeling of succeeding makes every failure worthwhile. The joy you bring that customer by providing your services or products makes each day worth it! Think about what you can do when you finally reach your goal, celebrating with those that have been rooting for you all the way here. The ability to say I made it, is worth all the failures you face. If you give up, you are giving all those that doubted you the satisfaction of being right instead of you feeling that satisfaction! It doesn’t matter who has been planting doubt into your mind. Stay positive, and never ever give up!

Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking


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