February 17, 2017

Planning Your Week

A Well Planned Week Is A Successful Week

Have you ever thought about planning your entire week out? Do you already? Maybe it just sounds silly to you. Well, it isn’t silly at all. In fact, it can help you find a new success every week. Business networking can be very time-consuming. As can running a business. Of course, there is also life to live outside of your business. You can’t plan for everything, but you can have a basic plan for your goals. It also helps to have a few backup plans and to think outside the box. What could happen tomorrow? The world could end! That may seem exaggerated, but hey, you never know. You could meet the best lead you have ever had, or you could have a stroke. Things happen. Some believe that everything happens for a reason.


That is both a good and a bad thing. Sometimes, things to happen for a reason. Some things just fall into place perfectly. Other times, it takes a little bit of elbow grease. The real trick is to make a plan for your week that balances everything out. Of course, too much leisure time can mean not enough work time. Too much time spent working and following leads can leave you wasted mentally and physically. So what are some good ways to plan your week accordingly?

Plan For Rest and Work

Do you like being in a rush all the time? No one ever does. The trick is to plan each day of the week around what you need to do that day and the next day. If you schedule a business networking meeting at eight at night Monday, then don’t make a doctor’s appointment for seven in the morning Tuesday. Resting does not always mean sleeping. Sometimes, it means not putting your body through a rush every single day. You will have much more energy if you follow this rule of thumb.


Keep An Eye On All Events In Life

Stay tuned to the news. Talk to your family and loved ones. Watch what is going on in the stock market. Whatever you have to do to stay in tune with the world around you. This does not mean paying attention to every little detail or news story. It means listening for general topics and details that you may need to know later. If your child may need to go to the doctor later on in the week, keep that spot on your schedule open. If a new law passes and will affect your business soon, then plan for it to go into effect later on. No single person is the eye of the hurricane of life. Something new and different happens every day. So keep an eye on life.

Keep Your Business Informed

Communication between yourself, family, business partners and customers is extremely important. You never know when something will come up that you need to help out with or take care of. Communication is the best way to keep everything going smoothly. Never assume that your secretary or assistant is aware of a phone call that you are expecting. Thinking that just because someone overheard your schedule means they will help you follow it, is the most common cause of failures. Basically, talk to people. Talking to people is the best way to get new leads and make everyone happy or understand. It is especially important if you are planning a vacation or getaway from your business the following week!


Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking

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