January 20, 2017

Start The Year Off With A Bang!

Stay focused, and End Strong.

It has been a crazy year! With so much going on, I am sure you are excited to start this new year off with a bang! The way you end your year matters. More often than not we over analyze things at the end and it calls for the ruin of us in one way or another. Well, the way you end your business year can affect how your year starts, and when it starts sour, it is a fact that more often than not this leads to your year coming up short of where you planned to be.

So instead of letting this happen, keep yourself, and your employees focused, motivated, and energized. It may feel like being shot out of a cannon, but it will get you started on the right track. This helps the new year to be reigned in and kept on the right track as you move forward. This is no easy task, and many before you have failed, but my goal is to show you how not to fail. This is imperative to ensuring that you will have a successful year as well as make it worth your time, investment and energy that you spend on it. This is why it is a great idea to take hold of your instinct to start the year off with your new aspirations and goals both for yourself and for your business. Here are some essential tips on how to ensure that will happen for your business in 2017.

Take time to look back.

We all know a new year is a fresh start, a chance for a clean slate and to move forward. That doesn’t mean that we should ignore our past. Not only should we take a look back on our own businesses, but on the trends that were both positive and negative and what effect they had on the businesses that partook in the trends. The most important task about leadership is communicating the vision and the goal of your company to your employees and customers, it should flow as the years go by. Our President starts the year with the State of the Union address, so a business leader should follow this example and lay out what your goals and plans are for the year.

Success needs to be obtainable.

You need both short and long term goals that will inspire you and your team, as well as making sure that goal is actually obtainable. Make the biggest goals happen in the first quarter of your business so you get the ball rolling and you have some achievements under your belt. When your first quarter is big, your team and yourself will expect big things for the rest of the year. Most of their expectations will be redefined and will be things they may otherwise have felt were impossible.


Personalize it!

A great manager or leader has to know, care, and understand the people. Your goals that are set for yourself will be personal goals as well as professional ones that will show what their motivations are on so many levels. You will need to notice and encourage your goals in one way or another. A good way to have this done, and include your team is to ask your employees to write down one of their professional goals for the company. This helps everyone become more aware of what they want from the company, and what is important to the individual, not just the company owner. You should also have them write personal goals to read to themselves, it will boost morale and if they share with others it will build connections.


The most important part of leadership is setting an example. If you want your team to be excited and motivated, you need to be the same. Take time for you and recharge as well as reflect on your day. You will get a new perspective and gain a clear head as you start the new year with a bang!

Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking


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