June 21, 2017

Strategies For Keeping In Touch After Networking

Have you ever made a great connection with someone in a group, on social media, or anywhere while networking, and then lost touch? Or maybe you are just letting these contacts sit in that address book and only using them when you really need them. This happens to the best of us, but here are some quick ways to prevent that from happening.

Build That Relationship!

We are all selling more than just our products and services, we are selling ourselves. We put ourselves in all that we do, and not only that but we want to buy something that is more than just an object, or a service. Build relationships with potential clients and networking peers. Make sure your network feels like more than just a number on your list or a name. Put your customers into a spreadsheet and add notes to their section as you get to know them better. Determine how often you need to chat with this person and make plans to do so.

Use Those Notes!

Look at the notes that you made as you connected with your customer. Next, create a custom email to help them with their needs that you have noted. You can do this by finding relevant  articles that have already been written and sharing them, or if you are a writer, you can type a more personal article for your clients needs. This will let your clients see that you are paying close attention to what they need, and they will feel appreciated. This can also be done with a good book, giving the summary of what it was about as it relates to their needs. This is a unique way to maintain your network!

Show You Care

When your customer does something in their business or personal life, congratulate them. Has someone in your network landed a new job or gained a big new customer? Make sure to tell them congratulations. It will mean a lot to your network, and show them that you really care about them. This also ties in with your note taking ability. Not only should you take the time to congratulate someone, but thank them. What for? There are dozens of reasons that you should thank your networking friends. First, they are in your network to begin with! Maybe one of your contacts inspired you, or they pushed you forward in someway that helped your business. Take the time to thank them, even if they have no idea that they impacted you or your business goals. If you are struggling with what to say in your email, there are tons of guides online that can help you decide what to write.


Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking


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