April 22, 2018

The Secret to Building Your Brand

The Secret to Building Your Brand & How Growing Up in New York Made Me Who I am Today

We all have a brand and to tell you the truth I found it very oddly amusing a few years back when the new buzzwords were “authentic and genuine”.  I asked myself-  How can you not be authentic?

Being Authentic

A little background for those who don’t know me.  I am a New Yorker and in New York you do not hide your authenticity.  New York is a very – What you see is what you get place.
We New Yorkers speak our own language and if you like it that is fine and if you don’t then that is fine too.

Do my kids get frustrated with me because I will stop and say hi to every elderly person I meet in the store and offer to help them?  Oh, YES, they do.

Does my husband want to spend time with me and can’t understand why I am always helping every non-profit that needs help?  Of course he does.

Do some people hate my loud laugh and can’t stand to be around me?  OF COURSE!!

You are unique and do one else will ever be you.
Your voice, your enthusiasm, your heart, your vision, your being is YOU.

YOU Are Your Brand

See where I am going here?  Live your life out loud.  Some people will be attracted to you and others will not and they are not your ideal client. Yes, not everyone is your ideal client.

If your brand is who you are and you are comfortable and confident with that then you will attract your tribe!!  Easy, peasy, right?

So instead of spinning your wheels watching every video on how to make the best video, looking for clients, reading every book out there on how to get motivated, pulling out your hair on how you are going to meet your monthly bills—  Just BE YOURSELF and engage with people as yourself.  Don’t try to be someone you are not.
You are awesome, you are a gift and your people will find you.

You DO need to to get into the hearts and minds of your ideal clients.
You DO need to dig deep and get super clear about what your offer and who you are serving.
You DO need to have a clear message that your ideal client can relate to.

But once you have this all written down and perfected then you need to have a compelling way to consistently engage with your clients.  Yes, this is VERY important.  And this is the vital ingredient in having a successful business or not.

You are your brand.  Now is your time to make it shine.

Is it scary to put yourself out there and be “judged” by others?  Yes, it can be scary but if you knew my former insecurities and how I worked very hard at overcoming those fears to be confident you would be amazed.

Let’s do this together.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming next week…

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Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking

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