March 2, 2015

Welcome to the new SEVEN

As you have probably noticed by now, our website has gone through a bit of a makeover process. While we loved the old look of SEVEN, we decided it was time for a fresh start and new change with our online presence! We are excited to share these new features with you and hope you enjoy the new look and feel of SEVEN!

We have now made it even easier for you to participate in our weekly meetings for each chapter! With a click of a button, you can find the closest meeting to you and all the information you need to attend. We are so proud to have so many chapters and the rate at which all of these chapters are growing. It is our goal to make these meetings as accessible as possible in order to help all entrepreneurs branch out and meet others who share their similar interests. Helping people learn to grow their businesses and use techniques and tactics that they otherwise wouldn’t know about is one of the most exciting and beneficial points of being a SEVEN member!

Our slick new website look isn’t just appealing to the eye (although, we are super excited about the new and stylish look). Our website makes finding events easier, provides interesting thoughts and articles on our blog page, allows you to read testimonials from our very happy members, and so much more! You can view the many chapters and information of chapter leadership more easily than ever! We are also getting ready and excited to offer virtual chapters in order to expand and cater to those who live in areas where our usual meetups are not located. You can easily access this information by viewing our “Virtual Chapters” page.

What would a business networking group by without its members? I think we know the answer to that question! If you are interested (or know anyone who may be interested) in joining SEVEN, all the information you will need to get started is located on our “Membership” tab and will easily direct you to the extra steps in getting started with us.

Sometimes, when great things are happening, it is necessary to make some changes and grow even further, and we are proud to say that is happening with SEVEN! We hope you enjoy as we introduce you to this new and fresh SEVEN look and feel. Of course, we are still the same company that is here to support and help network entrepreneurs who have important business goals, and now we feel our new website reflects our creativity and passion!

SEVEN obviously means a lot to me and I can only hope that you find a business family within our company, as well as the information to help you succeed in all of your endeavors.

Welcome to the new SEVEN website and welcome to an incredible world of possibilities for you and your business.

What are you most interested in learning about SEVEN?

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