October 1, 2016

Why Great Skin Care Matters To Your Brand

Entrepreneurs Building Your Brand – Why Great Skin Care Matters to Men and Women

In the You Economy, we are all about branding ourselves as entrepreneurs that are unique and differentiators in our various market verticals, does something seemingly as “shallow” as having beautiful skin belong? YES! It does and the adage “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business and how you leave others after having an experience with you becomes your trademark” ~ Jay Danzie. With all types of Live Streaming and Video capabilities like YouTube.com, our face also becomes part of our Trademark.

Great Skin Health

I am not referring to being “just” incredibly beautiful or handsome, I am referring to being in great skin health, luminous quality to our skin and radiant. Just like we all want our digital presence on websites to be dramatic, dazzling and, above all, Remembered! The same holds true for our faces. More and more as I collect business cards there is generally an image on them other than the company logo. We meet so many people today, in person, on line in video, we have our image on email accounts, if for verification purposes only, websites, blogs, still images on social media and in advertising our expertise in our companies. Why not have the Best Skin You could possibly have?

Exactly. We Need to and We Have to. When people have branded themselves and their face becomes part of that branding just as the clothing they wear, the culture they represent in conjunction to the products and/or services they are presenting. We want to appear vital and fresh, exciting and interesting and the face is the mental image that will come to mind with a text, social media post or message and a voicemail.

Safe Skin Care

So, how we do not get caught up in the actual perceived “beauty” of the face and focus on overall health? Simply by practicing Safe Skin Care. You need to work with a Skin Care Specialist, just as you would with any other product or service specialist, to ensure you are receiving the correct advice. The appropriate products in the applicable amounts and utilized in the procedure to effectively provide the best results. Would you wash your Brooks Brothers suit in the washing machine or your Michael Kors outfit if it was recommended for dry cleaning? No! Then why “wander down” a drug store aisle and determine you have any idea what is the Best Solution for your skin concerns and potential corrections with the 1-1/2” 3-point font they disseminate on the back of a blister pack of “face wash” for “all skin types”?  Is a One Size Fits All approach on you want to be perceived by your own customers or is it a more perfected, niche version of your specific product/service more of what you envisioned? Of course you want to be considered for your own specific value and contribution, not “en masse”. Take your mindset out of the grocery skin care aisle. There are no “cookie cutter answers”.

Just as you’re unique and a differentiator in your field, skin care can be the same way. Start with the most compelling of your issues and work towards the resolution of that condition until, assuming you are 30 or older, and anti-aging becomes the mantra for us all.  Once all the other concerns are resolved, replacing collagen and elastin from the inside out is a paramount issue. Why? As we age at approximately 30, we start losing up to 14% of our collagen production every year, naturally! Yikes! So now what? While there are many topical creams and lotions to counteract the visible effects of this dilemma, what you are seeking is a natural way to stimulate your own collagen production internally. The ability to gently and effectively “simulate an injury” to your face while enabling anti-aging serums, like Retinol, penetrate deeper and create a state where your dormant collagen production capabilities are ignited to function for you. Retinol accelerates this process under the dermal layers and creates stronger, fuller and more “elastic” dermis skin layers while the addition of moisturizers provides the illusion of smoother skin. Consequently, you also need to consider reducing your visible pore size as we age too.  A Complete comprehensive skin care regimen addressing all of your concerns done consistently will enhance your skin texture, appearance and increase your confidence with the same exactness you deploy in your business.

You will be remembered as being happy, confident, vital and competent as you seek the trust and loyalty from your potential and existing customers and…Your Branding Has Begun!


Nancie Naylor | Rodan + FieldsNancie Naylor is a Los Angeles born California native who started a career as an aerospace sales engineer and became a sales/marketing professional throughout her corporate career, ending as a VP of Business Development with a large publicly traded financial services entity in 2013. During her career she has embraced various types of solution driven sales methodologies even before they had actual “names”. Has received numerous achievement awards and led several award-winning sales/marketing teams using the most technology-based options available. Began a credit remediation practice  in 2013 and fell upon the potential of a $110 Billion Global Skin Care Industry in 2014. A forward thinker and always “looking for the next, newest thing, Nancie is aware of what visual imagery adds to presentations and client relationships. Based on always her motto, #BeBetter, using the best award winning skin care resources is a Next Step for her to be part of a Global Marketing campaign partnered with the two most world renowned Dermatologists, Rodan+Fields.


Nancie resides in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area and is married with two grown children pursuing entrepreneurial projects of their own and three amazing dogs.

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