March 10, 2017

Why You Should Mastermind

Have you been feeling stuck lately? Unable to accomplish things that are critical to your business? Maybe you’re having a hard time identifying WHAT those critical things are. It might be time for you to join a Mastermind group.


Mastermind groups are not a new concept. First introduced by Napoleon Hill over 75 years ago in his best-selling book, “Think and Grow Rich,” Mastermind groups have gained popularity in recent years. Napoleon Hill describes Mastermind groups as  “A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

Members of a Mastermind group can help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others. Being part of a Mastermind group will allow you to leverage the skills, knowledge, experience, influence, and education of other members. Your group might meet monthly, weekly, or even daily – whatever benefits the members. They will tackle challenges and problems together, support each other’s’ efforts, and be accountability partners.


If you want to join an existing Mastermind group, you’ll likely need to be invited by one of the members. The success of each group is dependent upon having the right skillset. Each member brings their own unique talents to the group. If you don’t know of an existing group, ask some of the members of your networking group. Chances are, at least one is either a member of or knows of a Mastermind group that is currently active.

You could also start a group of your own. Look at the people you network with and do business with. Your SEVEN Networking meeting is filled with a diverse group of people. You’ll find accountants, bookkeepers, website designers, virtual assistants, realtors, network marketers, travel agents, and many other professions represented. Each of those people has their own unique set of skills. As you build relationships and get to know the members of your networking group, be on the lookout for skills that you may be lacking. Invite these people to join you in a Mastermind group.


The key to a successful Mastermind group is the ability to leverage the skills of its members. You don’t want 10 people with the exact same skillset. Diversity is key here. You want different abilities so you can help each other, brainstorm, and bounce ideas off of each other. You do want the members to have a common goal. Maybe you’re in the same professio or have the same success level. You don’t want your group to grow too large or be too small. If it’s too large, you’ll likely run out of time each meeting. If it’s too small, it may run out of steam. You can find some good guidelines for deciding how many members to look for here.

Keep in mind, commitment is huge. Your members need to be committed to meeting on a regular basis for a certain amount of time. They need to be committed to the group, to participating, and to supporting each other. You can accomplish so much more together than you would apart.


Karen Joseph | SEVEN Networking

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