May 19, 2015

You CAN Stay Motivated This Summer

beach signYou see it all the time: the kids are out of school, it’s hot outside, and you’re running around trying to get vacation plans together all while trying to stay motivated to work.

Sometimes, this can be not only difficult, but also exhausting. Don’t try and take on everything at once or you’re just asking for trouble. Summer is a time to recharge and get ready to start back into everything so we want to make sure you are taking the time you need to feel energized and happy!


One thing I find really helpful when trying to stay motivated, is to wake up early and go to sleep early. It may sound silly, but our brains are wired to think that summer means we should stay up later and celebrate our “time off” late into the night. While it can always be fun to blow off steam, it can also be a real hindrance to yourself and your work if you aren’t allowing yourself to get enough sleep and start fresh with a new day.

Not only will getting up earlier give you more time to focus on work in the morning time, but it will also allow you to take breaks with your family in the afternoon and enjoy some of that “time off” we all so desperately seek. Remember to take breaks periodically and don’t force yourself to continue if you’re not feeling inspired enough to get anything done. You’ll basically just be wasting your own time.


Another great way to keep yourself motivated is by rewarding yourself every once in a while. Make it a family affair and drive the kids to get ice cream when you’ve finished a hard day at work! Staying motivated is easy when you have something fun to look forward to at the end of  the day. Not to mention, an ice cream run is probably welcomed after a hot summer day.


Finally, have goals that you’d like to reach but remain flexible. You can quickly stress yourself out and become unmotivated to do anything (not just work but hobbies too!), but if you set goals and work towards those without stressing about how they play out, you’ll be a much happier person. Remember that we all need time for ourselves so pop outside and enjoy some gardening and play a round of kick ball with the kids in the back yard. Use the hot weather as a chance to get outside, breath in some fresh air and recharge. Only then, can you do your best work.

What will you do this summer to recharge?



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